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Voice of Mexico echoes in over half a billion households on Al Gore´s 24 Hrs of Reality show

This year´s global live transmission of 24 Hours of Reality, hosted by Al Gore from New York City, was a complete success!

Olena Alec, Director at the Climate Reality Project shares the outcomes of the broadcast:

"Three days ago, the credits rolled, concluding 24 hours of thought-provoking conversations on climate with Climate Reality Leaders, world leaders, business icons, and celebrities from around the world. For 24 hours we celebrated the voices of reality and brought attention to the climate crisis with musical performances, inspiring videos, and presentations delivered by former US Vice President Al Gore.This year's broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality: Be the Voice of Reality reached over half a billion households on television and received more than 32 million views online. Over 4,000 people used their social media platforms to share the program, making 24 Hours of Reality the world's largest social broadcast on climate.With an audience like that, it's clear that the people of the world are in this together, and that momentum is on our side"

Missed this year´s broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality? Check it out here at the Climate Reality Project´s website ! Tune in to the 4th Hour, to minute 45 to what listen to my Voice of Mexico, sharing how we are taking local actions to solve the global climate crisis at alma mater Tecnológico de Monterrey

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