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City-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

Elaboration or verification of city-scale greenhouse gas emissions inventories according to the latest international standard: the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (GPC), which accounts for the 7 gases included in the Kyoto Protocol.


Soon to be one of the world´s first specialists certified by the World Bank. 

Energy & Sustainability Consulting

Our recent Energy & Sustainability Consulting experience includes Energy & Sustainability Strategies of a new 500,000m2 District Center Development Project for a Capital Fund Management Firm, High Rise Mixed-Use Buildings in (Commercial, Residential, and Office Spaces), Residential Houses, Commercial Plazas in Mexico, and a Residential Development with 15 multi-family residential buildings in Texas, USA, for architecture firms. 

Sustainable Buiding Design & Engineering

*Applied Engineering for the Sustainable Built Environment

*Whole- Building Energy Simulation

*Resource Quantification & Optimization

*Computation Fluid Dynamics & Natural Ventilation

*Efficient Daylighting & Illumination

*Sustainable Energy System Design

*Technical Evaluation of Product Performance

*Energy & Sustainability Strategies,

*Passive Energy-Saving Strategies

*Other Services for Sustainable Architecture

*Natural Risk Analysis

For the built environment, we are honoured to be the official energy & sustainability partner for Viadero Arquitectos projects in Mexico. 

Renewable Energy Engineering & Installation

*Solar Photovoltaic Energy

*Solar Thermal Energy

*Biomass Energy

*Wind Energy

*Hydroelectric Energy

Our newest Renewable Energy Engineering projects include the non-profit initiative Re-Energizing Africa for the City of Kasese, Uganda. Join our commitment at Habitat III.

Business Development Services

*Outsourced Business Development  

*Trade Show & Conference Representation

*Lead Generation & Follow-up 

*Preparation & Evaluation of Bidding Documents

*Local Representation for Project Development,

*Other B2B Technical & Commercial Representation Services 

Guzmán-Barraza´s recent business development projects include representation & participation at the United Nations bi-decennial Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III (Ecuador, Oct 2016), United Nation Financing Urban Development Habitat III Thematic Conference (Mexico City, March 2016), Financing Net Zero Energy Buildings in Latin América (Mexico City, March 2016), and EcoBuild Trade Show of the Sustainable Building Industry (London, UK).

Guzmán-Barraza also has commercial & technical experience in the power generation, water treatment, steel, petroleum refining, mining, chemical, plastic, oil & gas, and construction industries, and have won numerous international tender contracts on behalf of the steel process equipment fabrication and construction industries. 

Capacity-Building Services

Our recent projects include delivering training (+100 audience) on Net Zero Energy Strategies & Tools in the "City of Eternal Spring" Cuernavaca (Mexico).   Other training courses include Passive Energy-Saving Strategies for the Built Environment, Innovation Materials for the Construction Industry, Mexican Energy Reform, Oil & Gas Petroleum Engineering and Drilling Technology, and other energy topics.  


We are proud to be the official partner of the School of Applied Bioclimatic Architecture in Mexico City.

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My name is Diana Guzmán Barraza, and I am a self-driven Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Technical Expert approved to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Roster of Experts, with a Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering, and 13 years of professional experience, including technical and management roles, through which I have been able to actively engage the international climate change mitigation scene, advise the way forward towards a Net Zero direction, and assist in the development and assessment of climate change mitigation projects and strategies, such as circularity and decarbonizing operations and supply chain and procurement perspective.


Join me at Linked-in: Diana Guzman Barraza


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Sargassum Solutions Project

Energy & Sustainability Strategies for Arboleda


1st Net Zero Energy Building project in Mexico & Latin America

Commercial & Residential Tower

UN Thematic Meeting on Financing Urban Development

Green Roofs

United Nations Habitat III



Diana Guzmán-Barraza

Twitter @dianagbarraza

You Tube Channel:

Guzmán-Barraza Energy & Sustainability

San Pedro Garza Garcia

Nuevo Leon, Mexico


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