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Guzman Barraza on 24 Hrs of Reality

Tomorrow is the day when we get to join millions of people around the world to save our planet together! Together we will face the reality of the climate crisis, we will learn how people are fighting the climate crisis right now, and how to be part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Former Vice President of the United States, Nobel Prize winner, and global climate leader Al Gore will be hosting the largest global broadcast, transmitting live from New York for 24 hours this 4th & 5th of December. Mexico will be highlighted on the 4th hour! I will be sharing my story in this segment at 8:00-9:00PM CST tomorrow.

Tune in to learn how YOU too are part of the solution to the climate crisis, a challenge without precedents! Help more people learn about the reality of climate change, by hosting a watch party or tuning in from your phone, laptop, or TV!

These are the TV channels that will be airing the show around the world:

You an also follow the live transmission from, from most countries, and through my Facebook live.

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