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Energy & Sustainability Strategies for New District Center

Energy & Sustainability Strategy Review for Large Scale Urban Development Project.


The 500,000 m2 construction project consists of 17 new towers for residential, commercial, office, and mixed uses, including a new high-end shopping mall, concert hall, wellness center, public & private parks, spread out over 15 hectares. The project, designed by renowned architect Cesar Pelli, will be LEED-certified, and is intended to be completed by 2018.

This consulting project involved a review of the processes, considerations, contractor deliverables, and strategies currently employed for the construction of the new district center, in order to recommend the latest in energy & sustainability for the built environment. Employed strategies include innovation in construction systems, materials with nanotechnology, whole building energy simulations, new parameters for energy impact evaluation, "death ray" analysis, acoustic properties analysis, computational fluid dynamics for double skin facades,  and other relevant matters. 

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