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Technical & Commercial Representation for NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDING

Aspiring to be the

1st in Mexico & Latin America

Participated with key intervention as energy & sustainability representative for a Fund Management firm –currently managing $500 million US dollars of investment focused on creating better cities- in the initiative held by a consortium formed by over 17 renowned companies to achieve the first Latin American large-scale project aspiring to be certified to consume net zero energy derived from fossil fuels.

The scope of this project included representation at Financing Net Zero Energy Buildings Workshop in Mexico City, commercial presentation with +30 consortium pooints of contact, elaboration of bid documents -such as technical proposal, letter of intention, etc- follow-up and clarification of proposal.

The real estate project represented by Guzman-Barraza during the call for proposals was selected as the winning project, recipient of multiple economic sponsorships, focus of international media coverage,  and is now the oficial partner for the consortium´s initiative. 

Full details of this project will be released to the media in 2017. 

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