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Guzmán-Barraza joins UN General Assembly of Partners

Following paticipation at Habitat III, Guzmán-Barraza joined the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Partner Constituent Group (PCG) of the General Assembly of Partners (GAP), representing non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens. The Co-Chairs of the CSO PCG are: Jane Katz from Habitat for Humanity and Greg Budworth from Compass Housing Services in Australia.

Through this Partner Constituent Group, we hope to contribute to shaping the discussion

relating to the implementation, monitor and review of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) at National, sub-national

and local levels of government. The NUA, launched at the Habitat III UN Conference in Ecuador, provides guidelines as to how the future urban settlements around the world should unfold the next 20 years.


The General Assembly of Partners is composed of 14 Partner Constituent Groups (PCG),

based on the major groups, Habitat Agenda Partners and other relevant stakeholders.

All Partner Constituent Groups (PCG) are involved with the advancement of new concepts,

ideas and methodologies in the field of sustainable urbanization and human settlement

development, especially urban planning and design, including public spaces and streets,

urban transport and mobility, climate change and environment, energy, disaster risk

reduction and rehabilitation, housing and slum upgrading, safety and security in cities.

Each PCG brings to these concerns its members particular values, interests and


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